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We make “Bionic-Leaves”
to produce valuable materials while cleaning up the atmosphere

Our mission is to solve resource scarcity and global warming on a massive scale, by harnessing the oldest and most important chemical process on Earth, photosynthesis.


Arborea is a biochemical technology company which provides revolutionizing bionic cultivation infrastructures and biotechnology services to build lucrative biochemical production plants while contributing to solve environmental and social issues such as resource scarcity and global warming.

Arborea’s team made the world’s first bionic paneling system, the “BioSolar Leaf” system, to produce high value sustainable products while also fixing CO2 and removing air pollutants from all typologies of combustion effluent gases, both low and high pressure gases.

The paneling system is based on the patented Carbon-Bio-Converter technology (CBC), which harnesses photosynthesizing microorganisms in a complete new way. With great performance improvements, very low operational costs, unlimited scalability and unlimited versatility, the BioSolar Leaf can finally unlock microalgae’s full potential to solve food and fuel scarcity on a massive scale. It can be applied on land or even on roofs of large industrial and commercial buildings providing additional benefits to building owners such as improved thermal insulation and cooling effects.


Our holistic approach to help solve global warming and resource scarcity on a massive scale holds great potential to radically evolve our polluting society into a sustainable and prosperous future where pollution is nothing but valuable resources.

• CO2 from
– Building’s CHPs and boilers (low pressure)
– Industrial effluent gases (high pressure)
– Waste treatment and bioprocesses (fermentations)

• Arborea’s BioSolar Leaf system

• Water

• Light

• High value sustainable products

• Carbon neutral industrial processes and buildings

• Air pollutants removal (VOCs, PMs)

• Breathable oxygen production

• Cheaper climatic control energy bills
(for roof installation)


HARDWARE: Arborea’s patented “Carbon Bio-Converter” technology (CBC) establishes a step forward from conventional algae photo bioreactors (PBR) and algae cultivation technologies (open ponds) which have high operational and capital costs, low cultivation parameter control, low scalability and that are only employed in a narrow range of industrial applications due to various functional and design constraints. To know more don’t hesitate to contact us info@arborea.io . The main advantages of Arborea’s CBC in respect to all current cultivation technologies are:

  • Lowest operational costs
  • Highest productivity
  • Unlimited viable scalability
  • Unlimited versatility

The novelty of Arborea’s CBC resides in both its physical composition and methods for controlling algae culturing parameters, boosting algae growth and overall biomass production rate without the need for bulky and expensive auxiliary units commonly used in current photo-bioreactors and open ponds, thus decreasing operational and capital costs, increasing its scalability and adaptability to plenty applications. Industries that can be disrupted by Arborea’s technologies are in the sectors of:

  • Biochemical production
  • Food & Feed
  • BioFuels
  • Automotive
  • Space colonization

BIOWARE: Arborea applies its world-class expertise in biological engineering along with core capabilities in directed evolution to enable development of metabolic pathways for the biotransformation of CO2 into high value sustainable products.
Arborea offers algae biotechnology services to:

  • Identify and acquire the most appropriate strain for your product.
  • Engineer specific strains utilizing Arborea’s novel synthetic biology tools to develop new products or to increase purities and production rates of existing products.
  • Conduct advanced research on algal growth conditions to optimize desired results by applying computational design and machine learning methods routinely used in other engineering disciplines to bioprocess engineering.

Arborea’s BioSolar Leaf algae cultivation system can be installed simply on land or roofs of industrial and commercial buildings:


The BioSolar Leaf cultivation system can be installed on land to build lucrative biochemical production plants used for the production of high value sustainable products with additional benefits such as:

  • Higher profit($)/hectare than current algae cultivations and Solar Fields
  • CO2 removal from nearby industrial plants;
  • Optimum utilization of not agricultural land;
  • No use of pesticide;

Concrete processing is generating 8% of world’s CO2 emissions and other processes such as breweries, power plants, waste water treatment contribute as well to the actual status. Arborea’s technology can de-carbonize this processes being installed on nearby land.


The installation of Arborea’s BioSolar Leaf paneling system on top of commercial and industrial buildings (e.g. warehouses) delivers additional benefits to building owners such as:

  • making the building completely carbon neutral by removing the CO2 produced on-site;
  • removing air pollutants produced on site (VOCs & PMs);
  • decreasing building’s climatic control energy bills;
  • providing a sustainable and innovative asset to pursue corporate sustainability and differentiation.

As of today, datacenter web servers, such as those used by Google and Facebook, are responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions – about the same as air travel – and others such as distribution centers and malls contribute as well to the actual status.


Arborea’s award winning team is composed of scientists and engineers from world leading institutions such as Imperial College London, Cambridge University, and London Business School. It includes post-PhD scientific and technical expertise, combined with the commercial acumen and industry experience that is required to effectively execute the vision for a prosperous, sustainable future.

Arborea receives continuous support from technical and business advisors, including leading Professors, expert researchers and serial entrepreneurs from world leading organisations.


At ARBOREA, we have a strong philosophy and mindset towards changing the world for the better and we act in response to clearly articulated global concerns:

  • The reduction of dependence on finite natural resources
  • The replacement of synthetic chemical products with sustainable biochemicals
  • The removal of CO2, major reason of global warming
  • The promotion and implementation of circular economy principles

Moreover we aim to scale our business and actively contribute to the global economic growth and the creation of many new skilled jobs.


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London, UK.